For Mother’s Day it’s time to highlight the one who for most all of us is our first love. Is there a favorite on screen Mother that instantly comes to mind for you? Perhaps Piper Laurie? Hope not if you’re thinking the same role as I am. Even though she is unforgettable as Sissy Spacek’s Mother.

How about the celebrated Debbie Reynolds taking on Mothering duties for Albert Brooks? Brooks just loves to hear Mother Debbie tell him, “We’re not intimate dear. We just have sex occasionally. “

Miss Maureen O’Hara called John Candy her second favorite leading man next to Duke in this hilarious story of a confirmed bachelor living with his overbearing Mom who just might have found the right girl before life passes him by. Easily my favorite John Candy performance. “Just telling it like it is. “

Thank God for Stepmothers as well. Truthfully, Kim Basinger has nothing to do with this. We just don’t want to forget them on the big day.

Joan nailed down her only Oscar as Mother to Ann Blyth’s demanding Veda. “You look down on me, because I work for a living. Don’t you. “

The beautiful Marjorie Main takes on Mothering duties to 15 kids and Percy Kilbride’s Pa in this wonderful series of films about the Kettle clan. “Ya got to expect that when ya got 15 kids. “

How about a few other favorites that come to mind…..

Myrna Loy and Teresa Wright in The Best Years of Our Lives.

Kate and Jane.

Little Johnny having fun with Mother Maureen in the jungles on the MGM backlot.

Stanwyck is Oscar worthy opposite Anne Shirley in Stella Dallas.

Working his way to the top of the world, James Cagney and his Mom, Margaret Wycherly. She’ll protect her Cody to the very end. “I wouldn’t know much about the law, but I hear you got to have *witnesses* to make anything stand up in court. “

Winning an Oscar for her work in The Grapes of Wrath, Jane Darwell melts your heart as Henry Fonda’s Ma Joad.

I’m sure you have a favorite or two so please share. Had I gotten into television, I’m quite sure I could have added another dozen ladies here that visited our home regularly while growing up as we tuned in to their weekly shows.

If you’re new to Mike’s Take On The Movies, here’s a look back to a previous year when I more or less interviewed my own Mom about her memories of growing up in Nova Scotia, Canada and what she liked at the movies as a young girl.

Finally, sneaking in for a bit of fun and having absolutely nothing to do with Mother’s Day is the return of the Heston Cameo. Here Chuck takes the lead in……