If there is one thing my generation missed out on it’s the double bill. Two movies for the price of one. Sure the drive-ins are mainly a dead issue but there are still some to be found if you feel the need to give one a go or if you have kids of your own, show them what the experience is all about. I would imagine that a good majority of theater goers today have no idea that at one time you could see two films for the price of that one ticket, aside from the Tarantino/Rodriguez double bill Grindhouse.

Then again you could exit one movie screen and attempt to sneak into another in these multiplex buildings. Not exactly a bright idea but yes way back in my crazy youthful days I’ll admit to being guilty of just such and endeavor. Paid to see Ghostbusters with a group of pals and promptly snuck into see Teachers. Kind of funny looking back as it’s not the ideal double bill.

ghostbusters-one-sheet + teachers01

Personally, I think the only time I may have seen a double bill at the theater was years ago when I believe my parents dropped me off with a group of other 10 year olds for a pair of Tim Conway low budget comedies, They Went That A Way & That A Way and The Billion Dollar Hobo. In hind sight, not much to get overly excited about. Especially when I see the one sheets that were in the lobbies of movie theaters advertising the latest Hammer features paired up for our horrific pleasures while memorabilia shopping.

Had I been around at the time, opening night would have been beckoning me to find a seat front and center to experience this Hammerfest!


The Baron gets paired up with one of the Hammer “Hitchcockian” thrillers for our descent into terror and madness.


Making it tough on the male of the species, Hammer paired up two of the most beautiful women on the planet for this double helping of what has become Universally known as Hammer Glamour.


High on any list of Hammer films, this pairing represents a must see if we could turn back the clock.


Latter day Hammer films brought us this pair of seventies titles.


A sure fire way to get me parting with cash is this double bill. And how about those give aways. Fangs and Zombie glasses. The memorabilia collector in me bubbles to the surface when I see these promos.


Promoters could even cheat just a bit. A Hammer film paired with what you could assume to be another Hammer title. After all, it has Christopher Lee in it.


Do I have any Hammer double bill posters tucked away in the vault here at home? Considering Hammer films have long been a passion, I should say so.

Twins of Evil is simply one of my favorites of the later years and Hands of the Ripper a surprisingly effective chiller.


On this one I love the tag line, One makes’em the other breaks’em. Not to mention Beware the beat of the cloth wrapped feet.