Once again it’s time to shine the light on the actors who have chanced an opportunity to step into the square jungle. Some seem to fit right in while others may win on screen but leave you wondering if they could really “fight their way out of a paper bag” as the saying goes. The sport of boxing continues to this day to be a source of plot development for screenwriters as they go about looking for fresh material to offer up to movie producers. Just recently this year the movies gave us the real life stories of Roberto Duran and Vinny Pazienza to take in on movie screens.

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I suspect there will be plenty more movies to come. For previous editions click here and here.

Tony Curtis, like Duran, firmly believes that should you work the body, the head will fall.

THE SQUARE JUNGLE, Tony Curtis (left), 1955

Moe about to unleash the fury of brother Curly to the strings of Larry’s violin accompaniment in the boxing ring.


James Earl Jones hoping that Ali the clown doesn’t turn the tables in this great photo.


Wallace Beery cops an Oscar as The Champ.


Jon Voight in the 1979 remake taking on real life challenger to the Heavyweight Title, Randall Tex Cobb.

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 Small in stature but a giant of the silver screen, James Cagney is set to go another 3minutes.


Wayne Morris as Kid Galahad is declared your winner.


The magical charm of movies gives us Ingrid Bergman delivering a boxing lesson to her pupil in The Bell’s of St. Mary’s.


Billed as The Brawl in Montreal, Leonard vs. Duran represented for me, my first closed circuit event. Dad bought two tickets and this wide eyed kid was off to see the big fight my Father had been talking about for weeks. One of those nights that remain in your memory for a lifetime.

Boxing: WBC Welterweight Title: Roberto Duran (L) in action vs Sugar Ray Leonard during fight at Olympic Stadium. Montreal, Canada 6/20/1980 CREDIT: Neil Leifer (Photo by Neil Leifer /Sports Illustrated/Getty Images) (Set Number: TC24665 )