It’s that time of year when the cream rises to the top of the baseball world and in just a few short weeks, a World Series Champion will be crowned. Here’s a look a the team I’d be wanting to field if given the opportunity. Please note that I’ll be including a designated hitter into the line up as we here in Canada only have one team and it’s in the American League. Care to guess who I cheer for?

Mike’s Take on the Movies starting line up……

Let’s begin with a coach. How about Jimmy Dugan aka Tom Hanks.


Starting catcher and pitcher? Let’s go with the team of Paul Douglas and Ray Milland as The Professor. Milland knew how to keep that curve ball bouncing as it made it’s way over the plate.


In assessing the talent for a first baseman, was there really any doubt. Gary Cooper as Lou Gehrig.


Hard to argue with placing Jackie Robinson as himself at second base.


Please welcome Buster Keaton as my selected short stop. Think he’s up to the task?


Starting third baseman and all around sports legend…….


Utilizing the strong throwing arms and big bats needed in the outfield we have a trio of well known faces.

William Bendix as The Babe.


A ringer in center field and a real life player before Hollywood called, Chuck Connors.


The Cooler King gets a shot here adding real star power to the line up. Mr. Steve McQueen.


He’s a Natural to be my designated hitter. Roy Hobbs as played by Robert Redford.


Bringing along a mascot from over at The Sandlot.


Calling the games on radio and television, we have Bud and Lou attempting to go over today’s line up card for the viewers and listeners.