I caught the latter half of Pryor’s career and relived the first half thanks to the VHS tape. This guy was funny and when he teamed with Gene Wilder, the screen lit up with magic. For every misstep, either professionally or personally, there was always the laughter that he brought to his viewing audience through movies and stand up.

Riding with Fred “The Hammer” Williamson.


Teaming with Gene for the first time. “Take it easy, killer. Stay loose. ”

silver streak half sheet

“Turn it off? Are you kiddin’ baby? Took me three years to pay for that mutha—-. We gon’ watch everything they show on it. All the s–t they show. Even the snow when the mutha—- go off, I’m gonna sit here and watch that. ”

blue collar poster

“A hundred and twenty five years… Oh God, Oh God… I’ll be a hundred and sixty one when I get out. ”

stir crazy poster

“I don’t want to go to jail because there are robbers and rapers and rapers who rape robbers. ”


“8 hours ago I was lunatic at the state asylum. Right? Now I gotta a yacht, I met a nice lady. I’m proud to be an American.”

critical condition poster

The inevitable teaming with the up and comer.

harlem nights poster

One from the vault and one I’m not likely to post quotes from. That doesn’t mean they’re not funny, as a matter of fact many are hilarious, just a little raw.