I for one like Tony Curtis on screen during his leading man era. He had a fun, likable presence in many a bedroom romp. Flicks like Operation Petticoat were regular Sunday afternoon fare as was Some Like It Hot. I still recall seeing both The Defiant Ones and The Boston Strangler as a kid on late night TV and learning that Tony went out of his way to land roles that were not considered “Tony Curtis” fare.

I’m sure he’d be the first to admit that he had his share of misfires but in the end his lengthy career proved a fruitful one with plenty of movies worth seeking out for the right reason.

They’re enjoyable.

His early career featured Piper Laurie in a number of co-starring features.

no room for groom

“I hadn’t prepared anything for tonight, but perhaps I have something that will amuse you. So if you’ll get a couple of broomsticks, I’ll get my wife – and we’ll see what we can do. ” After Piper came Janet both on and off screen.

Poster - Houdini_02

A classy foreign poster of The Square Jungle.


Moving up the ranks opposite Burt. “The cat’s in the bag and the bag’s in the river. ”


As Ira Hayes in the heavy handed drama The Outsiders.

the outsider poster

More of that light hearted stuff….

wild and wonderful poster

“You know, we could do with better movies. How about a nice love story or something, instead of this gangster s–t? ”

lepke poster

I’m including this minor entry for the simple fact that the boxing match in the movie was filmed at the local arena in my home town. I wanted nothing better then to go see Tony Curtis for myself but at the time was still a bit to young. Knowing he was in town was kind of cool though for a youngster in love with the movies.

title shot poster

I’d also like to point you towards his one season opposite Roger Moore on the British TV show The Persuaders. Both he and Moore play to their personas and proved to be a team with chemistry. Do yourself a favor and grab the DVD set.

tony and roger

I’ve got about a half dozen Tony Curtis original posters tucked away in the vault but come now, surely you knew I had this awesome looking one sheet.