If I’m to think of an Irish themed article on St. Patrick’s day I could focus on leprechauns, pubs and hills of green as television has me believing it’s what I’d find if I ever visit Ireland. I prefer to associate the red haired beauty Maureen O’Hara with Ireland on St. Patrick’s day. After all, it is her homeland and her many fiery yet often tender roles in movies had me captivated upon my first viewing as a kid growing up.

maureen in quiet man

There’s no doubting the marketing man’s idea when you taking an overview of the many posters featuring Miss O’Hara but the glamour is just scratching the surface of the commanding presence she brought to the screen. It’s a well known fact that she is pretty much the only actress to ever hold her own with the Duke. That alone adds to my love of the lady with the flaming red hair.

Not to mention Maureen had to have been the poster girl for Technicolor.

The John Ford Classic with the now famed floating veil sequence on her wedding day.

how green half sheet

Tangling with pirates, technicolor and a famous lady killer by the name of Tyrone.

the black swan insert

More pirates and Paul Henreid.

the spanish main insert

Looking fabulous along side Garfield.

fallen sparrow lobby

Fighting the good fight with her off screen pal Charles Laughton.

this land is mine poster

Adventure ruled the day in so many of Maureen’s films teaming her with many top leading men of the era.

flame of araby one sheet

at swords point

Maureen joins another of my favorite actors in this one.


Even in the 1990’s she was raising hell and telling it like it is.


Then there is my favorite film featuring Maureen. Probably yours as well.


Even in black and white, she captivates the camera.

maureen in black and white

Sure, why not one more.