Every couple months it seems I find myself going back to certain actors I number among my favorites and Mitch is damn close to the top. Depends on the day of the week and who`s asking. I`ve featured some of his movies including Macao, Heaven Knows Mr. Allison and Cape Fear among others previously. I even featured a clip on his singing style that could be best described as a laid back version of Sinatra minus the range. But always cool, always cool. As a matter of fact I frequently point out that Mitch seems to me the better candidate for “The King of Cool” badge that McQueen has been tagged with. I say that with all due respect to Steve.


Artwork has always caught my eye when shelling out cash for movie posters and while I don`t have any of the older Mitch titles I have cornered a few over the years. Somehow his posters always seem to promise exactly what we male members of the audience want to see and hear when we sit down to watch one of his movies. Judging by his career longevity, it would appear as if the ladies pretty much expected and got the same.

Art work like the image found on this 1950 insert being a great example.

where danger lives

“You put your dirty, fat hands on my kid brother. I swore I’d *kill* anybody who tried to make him a whisky runner. I’m on my way into Memphis right now, and when I get there you’re gonna find out that I meant *exactly* what I said.”


“I do think I oughta kiss you just once, though, for all the times I won’t.”


Trouble lurks around the corner…… “Women are supposed to be curious… especially wives.”

foreign intrigue

“Well, I’ll tell you one thing, honey: I’m as good a man as Villa, and that’s not saying a hell of a lot for either one of us.”

villa rides poster

The classic with a perfect line ….. ” Build my gallows high, baby.”


Man, don’t tell me how good I was. I just got away with it because I had an hangover. I was too mad to be scared and too sick to worry about it.”

eldorado half sheet

Love the tagline on this 1978 production…… bottom right hand corner.

amsterdam kill

Thankfully I have a few Mitchum posters in my personal collection including his two takes on Philip Marlowe and the must see 1975 Sydney Pollack film The Yakuza.