Thankfully over the past 50 years television has allowed us to see and hear some of our favorite actors play up their image or just be themselves on late night TV with a comedian playing host. In this case Dave Letterman.


For us Jack Palance fans, Jack always makes for a great interview and once he claimed the Oscar for City Slickers he seemed to enjoy his new found popularity with a new generation of fans.

Check out this great interview where Dave continually tries to get tough with Jack. Jack who has made a career for himself as a man of action and little patience. I found this one hilarious and beware the one arm push-up.

How about Dave trying his best not to make Oliver Reed angry. Ollie was making the rounds for his comeback film Castaway and found himself on the couch next to Dave. Right from the get go Reed isn’t exactly co-operative and Dave just doesn’t seem to know how to handle the volatile actor. “You’d like to turn my lights out wouldn’t yah?”

Dave next welcomes Kirk Douglas to the couch prompting him through some fun movie memories that always seems to liven Douglas up. Actually I think Kirk is generally “on” when he’s interviewed and goes right on acting up a storm having fun as he discusses his past films and working with fellow tough guy pals like Duke and Burt. To see the Kirk footage slide the bar to the 8:30 mark.

Since we are on the topic of Kirk Douglas how about a bonus clip of Kirk joining his Gunfight co-star Johnny Cash on Cash’s television show chatting and even trying a bit of I Walk the Line.