horror stamps

When I narrow the field down to “horror” film stars I usually stick with what I suppose are the usual seven actors. Universal Studios and the designs of Jack Pierce led us to the classic era of horror and stars Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi and Lon Chaney Jr. Of course Lon’s father needs no build up to those who know their history of film and “the man of a thousand faces.”

The second wave of horror brought us the blood red all color look of the classic monsters making stars of Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee.

Lastly we have Vincent Price who forged his own association with horror. He brushed alongside the classical era of stars though he wasn’t what one would call a horror star until the fifties and the subsequent Poe cycle with director Roger Corman. While never appearing in the Hammer flicks with Chris and Peter he would team up with them in other titles including The Oblong Box, Madhouse and their final teaming, The House of the Long Shadows.

The lost silent with Lon Sr.

This undated photo courtesy of Heritage Auctions shows the movie poster from the 1927 film "London after Midnight." The poster for the film starring Lon Chaney, has sold for $478,000, making it the most valuable movie poster ever sold at public auction. Heritage Auctions in Dallas announced Monday, Nov. 24, 2014, that it is the only poster known to exist for the film in which Chaney, a star of early cinema, appeared as a vampire. (AP Photo/Courtesy of Heritage Auctions)

Boris and Bela. Or if you prefer, Bela and Boris.

“The phone is dead. Do you hear that, Vitus? Even the phone is dead. ”

the black cat poster

“Poe, you are avenged! ”

the raven poster

Lon Jr. and the world of the “Inner Sanctum.”

the frozen ghost

Peter’s final go around as the Baron.

frankenstein and monster from hell

I love this fiery look on Christopher Lee.

dracula a.d.

Good friend Vincent.

“Are you ready for Dr. Phibes? Hmm? ”

phibes poster