With summer holiday season upon us I have decided to take a road trip to an area of the continent I have yet to visit. Home of the big bad Bruins for us rabid Montreal Canadian hockey fans. Or the “big green monster” for the Blue Jay fan that lives in me. Trying not to miss a day since I started Mike’s Take in late December of 2013 I thought I’d play to the spirit of the trip and feature films with Boston in the title. This led me to thinking of The Boston Strangler right off the bat but somehow that didn’t seem all that appetizing or conducive to tourism.


Time to type in the key word Boston into my trusty catalogue of collected titles and up popped the series of films that ran during the decade of the forties featuring Chester Morris. This actually allowed me to visit a series I had previously never seen before. Let’s just say I’m long overdue as I generally love the mysteries of the era that featured Holmes, Chan, The Falcon, the Saint etc.


Join me in either rediscovering the titles for yourself or perhaps like me visit them for the first time. If I happen to bump into you in Bean Town say hello. Just don’t expect me to put on a Bruins or Red Sox jersey.

From Boston it’s over to witch central for a day or two in Salem then on up towards Quebec Canada and home.


So I’ll be sure to feature a couple of haunting witch flavored titles starring a horror icon.

Lastly if you know of any cool movie or book shops to collect at on my travels, leave me the address. Thanks.