While I have always considered myself a fan of Michael Caine I somehow seem to come across more people who strongly tell me there not versus those who seem to support the former Maurice Micklewhite.


Growing up he seemed to be a workhorse and even today that term could still apply to Caine though the majority of his roles are smaller now or slightly larger than a cameo. Sure he turned up in quite a bit of Swarm like material but even then I seemed to have fun with many of his action oriented films and his on screen tantrums always seemed to be a joyous moment for this viewer on my weekend rentals from the local video store. I won’t bother mentioning Jaws : The Revenge……..oops. Did it again. Can I have another “Bloody Hell!” from someone please.

I didn’t always catch his more dramatic roles from his younger years but as I got older I have gone back and looked at many of them. Some good, some not so but when you have made as many films as Michael your bound to have a few hits and misses along the way.

“I like birds best.”

ipcress file

“Getting ourselves killed is not going to make any difference to anyone except us. “


“I’m the villain in the family, remember? “


” Andrew… remember… be sure and tell them… it was only a bloody game. “


“Danny, let us seek safety on the battlefield. “

man who would be king poster

“How can we maintain decorum if our spiritual leader is trying to put his hand up Miss Cascara’s skirt?”


” I couldn’t detect horse manure if I stepped in it! “