Heavy hearted here this morning as I think back like so many of you on just how many films that Christopher Lee appeared in and made so memorable for me personally while growing up. Yes, he scared me and who doesn’t like to be given a good fright? Lee blessed me with some great scares while watching so many late night movies.

For that I thank him.

lee in bond

Who knows the reasons why but just last night before learning of his death I went to the imdb page listing his credits to see if he had any new titles marked as upcoming productions that he would be appearing in. By my count I have 116 titles in my film library and more than a few original film posters which leaves me many more to catch up with. Thankfully he left us a large body of work and of course the Hammer titles.

It wouldn’t be right not to mention  his long association with fellow Hammer graduate Peter Cushing and the films they teamed together on. I never tire of rewatching their combined efforts.