Spring cleaning and transporting boxes of magazines and film associated paraphernalia from one room to another led me to opening a few boxes for the first time in years and sifting through things long forgotten. It’s always a fun thing to look back at some of the many items I have collected over the years including newspaper articles, magazines, books and of course movie posters and lobby cars.

Here’s a sampling.

Before Tribute magazine I used to pick up a copy of Marquee when i went to the theater.


Mom used to pick me up magazines when we lost one of the greats.


News clippings of some favorites passing on.



A Hammer film Omnibus novel.


Lobby Cards, Press Kits and Monster mags.


Plenty more where these treasures came from and I’ll be featuring some of them over the next little while. Hope you don’t mind but the collector in me loves to share some of my finds.


Till the next time…….