It’s amazing how many films I seemed to catch on the big screen before I finally decided they cost too much and the home video market slowly kept me house bound.

When I was growing up Jan-Michael Vincent was one of those “cool” actors that most of the kids took a liking to. “Tanner this is Denton! This whole town is infested with killer cockroaches. I repeat: KILLER COCKROACHES! ”


Deemed as a message film, the whole high school I attended sat in on this one. “He was not a loony. He was the sanest man I ever knew in my life. ”


Once I discovered the cinema of Paul Newman, I was hooked. “I changed my life today, what did you do?”


This one gets better with every viewing. ” I know, Jerry, that you are as human as the rest of us, if not more so. ”


Along came the sex comedies. So yes I headed off with the guys for this lame entry of the era.


With the home video market one could catch the films of a series before heading off to the latest sequel. “Disciples of the Watch; I stand before you; in the name of the one who was cast out from Heaven, but is alive in me.”

final conflict

Burt was cool, Field was cute and Jackie had so many quotes that were just downright repeatable. “There’s no way, *no* way that you came from *my* loins. Soon as I get home, first thing I’m gonna do is punch yo mamma in da mouth! ” or how about  “Nobody, and I mean NOBODY makes Sheriff Buford T. Justice look like a possum’s pecker. ”

Ok just one more……”I’m gonna barbeque yo’ ass in molasses!”