George C. Scott has always struck me as a force of nature during his prime years as a leading man. He must have terrified the film crew when he played some of these characters. When he’s on screen he commands it and no matter who he’s sharing it with he holds his own and then some. Like when he grabs the viewer by the throat and tells Eddie “You owe me MONEY. ”

I love this exchange.

” Are you catholic?”

Scott’s answer “In the old days, before the fall, I owned a few shares.”

last run

A fitting title for what Scott can bring to the screen.

rage 72

Perhaps my earliest memory of being aware who Scott was and a film that my parents seemed to be talking about.


Leading a first rate cast. All Oscar winners.

oklahoma crude

Turn it off! Turn if off! TURN IT OFF!


Playing it for laughs. “I pity the poor schmuck who tries… to stop me.”


As for his iconic role in Patton, a poster doesn’t do it justice so feast your eyes on the trailer and witness the force of Scott.