mickey   rooney 2

Just heard on the radio this morning that Mick has left us. Not a surprising announcement considering his age I guess. Got me to thinking about my recollections of the pint sized fireball. Growing up in the late seventies and eighties he was on old short balding guy to me who would do tv movies like Bill and appear in Pete’s Dragon and The Black Stallion. My Mother who I inherited the love of film from would be the one to expose me to Andy Hardy and the Judy Garland musicals on Sunday afternoon movies that played on local stations. From there it was fun to spot him in his pre fame films like Captains Courageous and Manhattan Melodrama. I have always had a fondness for the character actors which is arguably what Rooney would become in the fifties in films like Bridges at Toko Ri. Then the “B” Noirs came along and finally he was of course in the comedy that I have watched countless times since my youth, It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World. Without looking at other career lengths I just assume Rooney must have had the longest one in film history. Plenty of great titles to choose from. Any favorites????