With a fast moving camera we dive right into this prison break film with our cast being introduced on the run led by William Bendix and Arthur Kennedy. This is a fifties film that borrows heavily from the Warner Brothers films of the thirties where normally we might have seen Raft and Cagney along with fellow hood Bogart making a run for it. This time out we get a decent cast that also includes Gene Evans, William Talman, Luther Adler and Marshall Thompson as the 6 men who have made the break and are now the focus of a statewide manhunt.

Bendix promises the gang a share of his hidden loot if they help him find his way after taking a bullet during the break. No problem but tempers flare and bullets fly when desperate men are involved. Their journey takes them by stolen car and a hopped freight train as they make their way to the money crossing paths with the likes of Gloria Talbot and Percy Helton.


This is a well done gangster flick that Bendix plays straight with no buffoonery. It would have been easy to see Bogart or Cagney tackle this role. Arthur Kennedy is always a solid addition to any cast either in a lead or character part and suits this ensemble piece just fine as do the other escapees. Monster film fans will of course know Gloria Talbot as the leading lady who Married a Monster From Outer Space. She isn’t in this one long but I have always found her to be  a bit of eye candy so any screen time is good with me. She would also appear in We’re No Angels in this same year.

Director Lewis R. Foster had a run of B films through the fifties including a few with Ronald Reagan. He does a more than capable job here with the above average cast presented to him. Worth a look if you get the chance. This one was released recently on DVD by Olive Films.