Growing up a film fan there comes a time when you start recognizing faces and connect the dots. For me Waite was just the father on a television show that my parents watched regularly. I much preferred cartoons in those days.

Lateshows became a regular thing in my world and I soon realized before The Waltons he must have been a member of the Michael Winner stock company at one time. He turned up in Lawman that had a great cast including Burt Lancaster and a young Robert Duvall. He also appeared in a couple of Winner-Charles Bronson films, Chato’s Land and The Stone Killer in roles very different from his television identity.

I also recall a television film he made in 1980 called Angel City that I thought was very well done opposite Paul Winfield. Another thing he turned up in quite nicely was Stallone’s Cliffhanger.

Lastly he turned up in one of my favorite films in an early role, Cool Hand Luke where is the first of many characters to “spend a night in the box”. Rest in peace.