Here’s a drive in flick from 1975 that I am sure Mr. Tarantino would approve of. This AIP production from director Val Guest has Telly Savalas in cool Kojak mode as head of  security at a South African diamond mind that has been targeted by a group of mercenaries hungry for the riches within. The main thrust of the film finds Peter Fonda as a head security guard under Savalas who has joined forces with the shoot first group of ex-military men lead by Hugh O’Brian and includes O.J. Simpson and a very effective, knife wielding Christopher Lee. Ex-Bond Girl Maude Adams is along for the heist as Fonda’s love interest.

Plenty of double crosses ensue with Fonda and his reasons for joining the mercenaries. Is he undercover? Is he really after the diamonds? Could he be out to just annoy Savalas? I’m not saying but if you enjoy 70’s “B” film actioners with plenty of gunplay then try to locate a copy. Mine is an old VHS tape. It would be nice if Shout Factory put this out as they have been doing a good job with some other forgotten B film productions. Nice to see O’Brian in this as I don’t think we got to see too much of him in films as opposed to television and Lee does a nice job as well. This was when he was attempting to put Hammer Films and the cape behind him. Not a classic but if you like anyone in the cast it’s worth a look.