I should have known better……

So here’s my story in fast forward mode to the present. I’m an obsessed fan of Hammer Films. It all originated back in my childhood seeing The Horror of Dracula on late night TV at I’m guessing the age of 10. From there it was a matter of connecting the dots and signing out those coffee table books on Horror Films at the public library and keeping my eyes peeled on the late night movie listings in the TV guide. Long before the internet I might ad.

Here I am years later with the majority of the studio’s films on my movie shelves thanks to a number of labels still continuing to market them to collectors. I’ll also add most any book or magazine I come across on the subject of Hammer Horror and the studio in general to my reading material. Then there are the movie posters, lobby cards and any other sort of memorabilia I might come across.

Even my lovely wife will send me a link or point out a Hammer product if she comes across one. God bless her.

All of which brings me to action figures. Now to be honest I only have one from Hammer in my rather small collection of “dolls.” I’ve never really gotten into action figures as far as movie collectibles go outside of Godzilla. Any I do have are usually associated with the Universal Monsters as they appear to be more marketable here in North America than Hammer’s output. Then again maybe whoever owns the rights to the Hammer library of monsters never bothered to dip into the market on this side of the pond with any real effort.

Hell yeah, I’d love to have an action figure of The Reptile or The Gorgon poised on my desktop, ready to strike or turn me to stone with just a fleeting glance.

Now where I am I going with this you ask? To this Christopher Lee doll I came across via a Facebook ad. It’s based on his appearance in 1970’s Scars of Dracula.

I thought it looked kickass cool and since I’ve been itching to spend some coin over this past year with one lockdown after another and the cash that I set aside for restaurant dining accumulating, I thought why not, the price is right.

I placed the order on May 8th and awaited it’s arrival.

So while I saw a steady stream of movies arriving by post which is par for the course here at Mike’s Take, I received a notification that the figure standing a towering 20.67 inches was on it’s way. I think when it arrives I’ll make room beside my Maltese Falcon replica on the shelf in the movie room.

Now this is where my story goes off the rail to the “woe is me” part.

Not expecting anything in a box that measures a mere 4.5 inches in height and six inches in length, I was left to ponder what could be in this tiny gift pack I found in the mail box on June 16th.

Brace yourself…….

Hmmmm ……

How about a close up of Sir Christopher……

Now that I’ve had my fun, I will point out I received a full refund on my investment via paypal in a slam dunk decision that My Cousin Vinny could have won on his opening argument. Even if Fred Gwynne was still the presiding Judge on the bench. Would you believe I received three offers from the seller? First I was offered $15 dollars and keep the “doll”, then $20, then 50% and then miraculously a fourth request turned up going backwards …. “If I give you a partial refund of $15, could you pls withdraw the dispute on paypal?”

Truly amazing.

So what have I learned? Not much I suppose in the end. The money was minimal and had I lost it all it wasn’t going to stop me from buying lunch at my favorite burger joint when the latest COVID lockdown ceases. I would also like to add that I did not, I repeat, DID NOT buy the product from the company that appears on the product cover, Star Ace, and yeah I should have done a bit more research but then again, the company I bought it from looked legit and had a link to the pics and measurements etc.

Could have fooled me….. oh wait …. it did. Dumb ass!

So while I’d like to have this Lee doll adorning my Hammer memorabilia, for now I’ll just be content in the knowledge that I own an original U.S. one sheet for the 1970 film released as a double bill with The Horror of Frankenstein. And the Lee doll? I added it to my Christmas wish list for 2021.

and in closing ….. buyer beware ….. what else?