Yes indeed, it’s time to once again climb aboard my custom designed time machine with this latest trip scheduled to make a stop in Winnipeg during the movie going season of 1970. Be sure to choose your selection carefully if you intend on making the return trip with the rest of us. Then again perhaps you’d rather hang back like a certain Marty McFly and check up on your parents or maybe even Grandparents?

Honestly, we may not have to look any further than this first drive-in ad to settle on a choice of movie going fun. I mean, this is what drive-ins are supposed to be all about. A quartet of all night frights and if I had my way the one drive-in that remains relatively close to my home would quit with the family flicks and give us all a retro night of thrills and bloody spills. Here we have Lee as the Count, re-animated Nazi’s courtesy of Dana Andrews, a Golem under the control of nutty Roddy McDowall and even Tony Curtis making a cameo in Chamber of Horrors!

Horror not your idea of drive-in fun? Well here’s another quartet of titles I could be talked into. And again if only that local screen could treat me to this for a Saturday night of fun. Apes! Raquel! Gangsters! and Hammer’s Vengeance of She!

Let’s not forget that valuable real estate had yet to bring an end to the drive-in choices around the big cities of the past. So here’s another choice for the more adventurous types. A Terry-Thomas comedy, a lowbrow Godzilla knock off from Japan and a pair of titles I know nothing about. The Flamboyant Sex appears to be a 1962 Swedish film while Aqua Sex remains a mystery to me.

If you’re into music then you could always check out either of these releases.

If you’ve read the number novel of 1970 then you may want to check out the latest Burt Lancaster-Dean Martin release. Then again these are the days when you could count on studios rereleasing the big money makers including the Best Picture of 1968.

Calling all Rolling Stones fans. Mick Jagger now playing at the Odeon.

Now back to the drive-in for a special engagement that is bound to turn some heads and at the same time have some of you buying tickets for this all-nighter. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to have experienced this back in the day. Eastwood in all three of his Leone flicks for a Centennial Special.

Here’s another drive-in treat that is lacking one thing. They’ve only secured three of the four Dean Martin/Matt Helm films. Somehow they’ve omitted The Ambushers, the third film in the series and on that basis I’ll have to pass.

More Eastwood with Miss MacLaine if you’ve a mind to or perhaps Elliott Gould and Candice Bergen are more to your liking. Either way have fun if you’re getting off at the Garrick One or Two.

Sadly it’s time to head back to the present so don’t be late and make sure to leave some room for my one piece of memorabilia that will serve as a reminder to our trip back in time. And yes I wasn’t kidding about that first drive-in selection. That’s where I headed upon our arrival.

So what did you choose to sit in on for this latest journey back in time?