June of every year brings what has become a semi-regular road trip for me over the past twenty odd years. I’m off to the Monster Bash in Mars, Pennsylvania for some classic monster fun. By classic monsters I’m referring to the stable of Universal Monsters, sci-fi wonders of the 50’s  and by extension those that were gifted to us in the late 50’s and 60’s from Hammer Films. As a matter of fact this years “bash” has a decidedly Hammer flavor to it.

Sure I’ll drop a small fortune in the dealer room as I seem to every year and I’ll be bringing an item or two from my own poster/lobby card collection along to score an autograph from the selected stars of Hammer who are making appearances this year. Among the various guests, TV episodes and Three Stooges shorts, here are a list of the classic films that await me and though I won’t see every one of them I do have a few singled out on my dance card.

A Hammer favorite…..

I’ll look forward to revisiting this 1959 thriller.

Yeah, it’s a classic. The only thing missing this year will be the late Miss Julie Adams who was a frequent visitor to this festival.

New to me is this 1933 thriller that I’ll hope to sit in on.

Mexican Monster Movie Night brings a rare 1934 title.

Some Bob Hope fun to lighten the mood.

Remember the Falcon?

What’s a classic monster fest without Dear Boris?

A Laird Cregar classic is a sure thing.

A new movie at a classic monster fest? Seems like a good fit.

Don’t blink and miss the lab assistant in the Creature follow-up. Anyone know who I’m referring to?

A modern throwback that sounds like a worthy viewing.

Trembling alongside Bud and Lou…..

Sir Christopher terrorizes one of this year’s guests in this Hammer shocker.

Not sure how many of these I’ll be sitting in on but I’m likely to see more than half of them. One of the above images will be making the journey with me to score an autograph and maybe a photo op for yours truly.

I’ll be taking a few days off while at the fest but if anyone who drops by here is making the trip as well, please take the time to say hello and introduce yourself. I’ll be the guy walking around with some sort of Canada paraphernalia in the form of a jersey or a ballcap. Not sure you can make it? Click HERE for a look back at some of the past visits I’ve made to Monster Bash to wet your appetite since starting up Mike’s Take five plus years ago.

Wish me luck in my hunt for memorabilia to add to the vault here at Mike’s Take ……. and eh’, don’t forget to say Hi.