I can’t speak for you but I’ve wanted to collect movies since I was a kid. Here I am as an adult with over 12000 titles in my movie room and I’m still adding to that total. Movie posters? Don’t even go there. I’d collect any format, VHS, DVD, bluray, Laserdisc. Even Video Scan Discs and the odd Beta tape. Machines? Have at least one for each of these formats. About the only thing I’ve never really gotten into is actual reel to reel footage.

Until recently that is.

I’ve often wondered if the main reason I’ve wanted to collect actual movies is because of those darned ads in old comic books or monster magazines I’d read as a kid. The ones put out by castle films. Never did get any when I was a tyke through the mail order catalogues but with an eye towards collecting I recently came across something just a little too good to pass up. I went from zero to 34 in less than a heartbeat after my eagle eyed sister who runs an antique shop put me onto a lead and like Bogie’s Marlowe, I took the case and tracked them down. Even if I had to play it coy.

The end result yielded footage a bit different than Bogie was to uncover.

With an 8MM projector to go along with the haul, the next thing I need to do is host a party with a 1970 theme where all my family members and a few choice friends along with yours truly as “The Projectionist” (that’ll be my official title for the shindig) get the popcorn going with a few choice drinks and relive the days before we had movies playing on our handheld devices no matter where or when we choose.

Maybe I should take this to the highways as an “8MM Roadshow.” If I do, here’s what you can expect to see should you buy a ticket.

A night of vampire features led by a pair of Bela Lugosi titles to get the party started.

Could Trog serve as a good intro to a double Apes bill? Maybe we should advertise it as a night with Joan Crawford and Charlton Heston.

A night of space travel and aliens visitors should keep the audience on edge.

No doubt I’d pay to see a pair of Vincent Price thrillers even if they’re condensed down to about 8 minutes apiece and a bonus thriller to boot!

Mad doctors abound on 8MM. Best to stay healthy when they’re on call.

Here’s a winning quartet for the adventurous type. Wasps and insects topped by Ray Harryhausen magic.

Things are bound to get bloody with this foursome including the iconic Christopher in his signature roll.

Godzilla, Mothra and Rodan. Sure to be a sell out.

If we’re talking monster movies then here’s the headliner starring all of our favorites from Universal Studios. Boris, Bela, Lon, Lionel, Elsa, Colin, Dwight and more.

Hopefully I’ve rekindled a memory or two to a time past with this latest find. Any recollections to share? Did your family order any of these movies for all occasions back in the day?