In honor of my father’s 80th birthday I’ve decided to shine the light on those faces we are all sure to recognize. Film stars who were born the same year that dear old Dad came into this world. I’ve also caught a plane to Halifax, Nova Scotia with my wife and sister to be with him today, December 13th, in order to get a slice of the cake. Sure hope it’s chocolate.

What’s the first thing I said to him as I arrived? Well as I had just watched a couple of Charlie Chan films before catching the plane, I couldn’t help myself so I borrowed an often repeated line from Victor Sen Yung as Number 2 son, Jimmy Chan, “Gee Pop. Am I glad to see you!”

Here’s a helping of movie stars and more who share 1938 with my Dad and I’m sure he’ll see some welcome faces in here with an overt opinion on one and all.

First up is Dear Ollie. I’m quite positive my Dad would loved to have experienced a night on the town with the famed hell raiser. One of the earliest film books I recall sharing with Dad was Ollie’s self penned bio, Reed All About Me. Dad’s been a fan ever since.

Ed Lauter is a name Dad knows thanks to me always pointing out the character actors I love to see turn up in film after film. I’m sure Dad is thinking aloud “that Ed always plays a dirty son of a ……..”

I’ll guarantee you Miss Purdy caught Dad’s eye when Stella Stevens took on the role in the now classic The Nutty Professor in 1963.

Brian Dennehy represents another actor that Dad probably recalls playing a hard ass more than any nice guy character the barrel chested actor might have played.

I can’t recall my parents ever watching Bond films or The Avengers on TV but I won’t let that stop me from including Diana Rigg here as she too was born in 1938.

Also sharing 1938 as her birth year with Dad was beautiful Natalie Wood. No need to go into her story as I’m sure we all know it well.

Still busy in the industry is Elliott Gould born in August of ’38.

How about Terence Stamp, another actor who remains busy to this day.

If I know Dad like I think I do, I’m quite confident he would have loved to have met Claudia Cardinale in the 1960’s.

Dad has worn a mustache on occasion but he had nothing on the Hammer, Fred Williamson.

I’m including Charley Pride on the list for the simple fact that our family loves classic country music and Dad and I have been playing and singing some of Charley’s songs for years. As a matter of fact I’m surprised the country music icon’s life story hasn’t already been turned into a motion picture.

I’ll finish up the list with the only individual who is actually younger than Dad. Jon Voight will be celebrating number 80 on December 29th.

I guess it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t include a picture of Dad. Hope you don’t mind. Here’s a fun pic I love on the streets of Las Vegas five years ago when we decided to try our luck at the poker tables. In case you’re not 100% sure, Dad’s on the left.

While I may use the throwaway line “love him or her” when referring to the movie stars above, it’s not the same as saying “love you Dad. Happy 80th!”