More of those movie tie-ins that can make for a nostalgic look back to simpler times at both the movie theater and the Mom and Pop book shops.

Let’s start with Sinatra playing it cool or Connery acting tough? I’m willing to take a chance on either one of these guy’s inspirations for these film adaptations.


So why not find out what the “code” wouldn’t allow Burt Lancaster and company to act out on the screen. Was that racy scene with Shirley Jones even more provocative in the book?


Just 50 cents and we can compare what Glenn and Marlon did in the book vs. what they got up to on camera.


Disney? I’d like to see that movie Dr. Syn. Can’t recall it. Shaggy? Yup pretty sure that was a theater adventure with the family.


If no that pair from Uncle Walt then how about reading up on Fred and the troop or that car named Herbie?


Now I have read the Jules Verne story and found it differed greatly from the on screen adventure James Mason undertook with Pat Boone and company. How about a Big Little Book with western star Tim McCoy?


That artwork on the Moonraker book looks might familiar. Am I alone in admitting I’ve never read one of Fleming’s novels?

Comics count too. Yul and Gina or how about recalling Rex Allen.

Not a movie but seriously, did anyone out there know that Omar Sharif wrote a book on the card game Bridge?

More Connery and Bond or perhaps read up on football with Burt and Kris in your mind’s eye.


Hmmm, Kim Novak? Wonder what got left out of the book. Want a little more romance to dream up? For 35 cents we get Cary and Deborah.


Let’s end this with the novel that became the smash hit and the film I reference as one of my two all time favorites when forced to pick something. Go ahead, I dare you to pull that pin.