Yes I do love attending the Monster Bash where like minded fans get together to celebrate the names of Lugosi, Chaney, Karloff, Price, Lee and Cushing. You know, the usual suspects as well as Zucco, Atwill and others who have had an association with the genre from years long past. I was at the show in June earlier this year and have decided to head five hours south once again as Halloween approaches to experience The Green Slime at the make shift drive in on Saturday night if weather permits.  Maybe pick up a poster or two for the private collection from the sellers room. Maybe? Who am I Kidding?  I’ll also hope to get attendee Patrick Wayne to sign my original one sheet for Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger.

If you happen to be attending be sure to say hi. I’m usually wearing a blue jays ball cap or a red one with the Canadian maple leaf.

So what or who might I find on Mars?

Marvin would make sense.

I may bring a Slim Whitman LP from Mom’s record collection in case these boys turn up.

Maybe the Devil Girl From Mars might be just what I need on this road trip.

It’s about time I turned the tables and invaded this creepy fellah’s homeland.

Will I see John Carradine’s head floating in the night sky? I sure hope so.

I do enjoy a good feed of lobster but I’m not so sure about The Lobster Man From Mars.

Maybe I’ll find old Saint Nick.

If not Santa than maybe I’ll see My Favorite Martian in the form of Ray Walston.

On my way to Mars, perhaps I should stop off on the moon to refuel and pay my respects to the Amazon Women led by Sybil Danning.

Let’s end this with everyone joining in to sing along with The Way Outs. Yes I hope to meet them on Mars as well.