After a few months of rummage sales and thrift shops I think I’ve collected enough movie tie-in images to finally share some of these books with a good many dog ears included in the price tag.

I’ve never seen this one which is rather surprising considering the cast. I do have it here on the shelf with another title that appears to be of the same subject material, Mandingo. Might make for a double feature some night. Just not sure if it would be a good one.


Who says pocket novels aren’t a good investment. You would have cleared a cool $2.50 had you bought this back in the 70’s and put it away for 40 years. I always knew Redford memorabilia would pay off someday. Glad I have a couple Redford one sheets set aside here in the vault.

This cover used to captivate me as a youngster. I’m pretty sure Mom had this book and even I knew that the author was the same guy who gave us Jaws,. The film that scared the hell out of me. Thankfully this image was used for the movie poster as well. Yes it’s here in the vault.

I’ve often looked at this movie on my shelf and have thought it’s long overdue for a re-watch. Lemmon – Lisi and the gap toothed Terry-Thomas. A sure fire winner.

You need a keen eye when looking over these bookshelves and here’s a cover that looked like a facsimile of Doris and Rock. Flip it over and BANG! There they are in foreign print.


How about a little musical interlude to past the time…..

Still got that 8 track machine handy?

No 8 track machine? How about vinyl? It’s making a comeback so why not kick back and put on this LP from actor Michael Parks.


A sure fire way to market this one? Point out that the author also wrote the smash hit novelization for E.T. This poster/book cover was a blast but I don’t recall the movie measuring up to the idea of Richard Pryor joining the fun.

Time for a smoke break? Not something I’d suggest but if you must…… maybe Dana Andrews will join you out on the patio as my home is strictly a no smoking establishment.

How about a little something for the James Arness fans.

I can easily recommend this thriller starring a pre Hawkeye Pierce, Alan Alda. I’m referring to the movie. Haven’t read the book so please let me know if you have and if it does indeed rival Rosemary’s Baby.

I’ve always loved this Sinatra effort from 1965. Von Ryan was one of his better flicks and maybe his best of the decade with all due respect to the “pack.”

How about a little love for Trevor Howard as we wrap this up. Sinatra may have got the cover but Howard gets ………………. the girl????