Thanks to a sister who owns and operates an antique shop, I had a chance to look thru a few TV Guides she had in stock from the year 1965. It gave me an opportunity to go back in time to see what I would have wanted to see during the weeks in question. Back when you had to set the time aside if you wanted to watch your picks bad enough. No VCR, no PVR and no streaming. Just your alarm clock to wake you up if it’s through the night. So let’s get to planning by flipping through the pages of this week’s TV Guide.

Calling all William Holden fans! Mark that time on the calendar.

Victor Mature fans rejoice with a pair of titles this week.


Susan Hayward headlines the afternoon show.

Here’s one I won’t miss, a personal favorite with Mitch and Kerr. I also like the fact that John Huston’s name is thrown into the ad confirming that he was big enough to carry some weight in the marketing. Not only that, The Sundowners is playing as well with the two stars teaming once again.

Here’s a full page ad that caught me by surprise but nostalgic enough that I was glad I came across it.

Kirk Douglas in his first western a worthwhile venture.

Here’s an that I truly love. Why? It’s got Dan Duryea and Keenan Wynn on it.

Who here remembers the annual Wizard Of Oz showing? But can you remember this airing with Danny Kaye hosting? Before my time so can’t say I do.

You won’t hear me complain about these choices.


Not much has changed when it comes to the legend of Marilyn Monroe. Her image is bound to draw attention in ads then and now.


Not even sure what this is but the cast caught my eye.

Long before Leonardo boarded the ocean liner, Clifton Webb did it first.

3 movies to choose from in the 4:30 time slot. Unless you prefer Sea Hunt or Peter Potamus over Bronson, Hudson and Hall.

James Garner on TV? Why not, he was Maverick wasn’t he?

If you can only find the time for just one of these then which would it be?

Why not take in Broderick ‘s Oscar winning performance. And be sure to catch this Richard Widmark actioner.


The Gilbert Roland factor is gonna draw me in.

Karl Malden and Natalie Wood turn up in….

Time to wrap it up with a film that comes with my highest recommendation. Sad on one hand, yet Gable and Monroe went out with a classic. Once again from the mastery of John huston.

Got your line ups settled for the week?