Thankfully a Toronto Sun loomed in the distance at a recent hunt though a barn converted into an antique shop. Not sure if it was a hot commodity for collectors but it wasn’t sealed so out came the phone camera and a quick run down of what was playing at local theaters on the streets of T.O. back when Harold Ballard owned the Leafs making them the embarrassment of the league for a good many years.

Oscar winners? Jon Voight and Jane Fonda if high drama suits your fancy. Then again let’s not forget the power of a Bruce Dern.

That converted TV star Travolta continues to bring them in but I’d rather go see this under appreciated Hoffman flick which falls under the Stanton-Walsh X2 rule. (Look it up)

Richard Burton in another thriller? Hope it’s better than Exorcist 2. But if you haven’t seen Mel’s latest it’s hilarious! Sandwiched in the middle is a Cicely Tyson-Paul Winfield flick I’m not familiar with.

Slap Shot is still playing! A Canadian institution. Choir Boys an added bonus and personally I don’t really want to hold your hand. Sorry.

Dreyfuss goes from Jaws to an Oscar. He’s on a roll!

I have no idea what Island of the Damned is about but I know I’d rather see it than the other two titles showing here.

Old school that I am, This presents some tough choices. Kirk Douglas, Richard Widmark or Oliver Reed and a to die for surrounding cast.

When’s the last time any movie played for 7 months let alone 4? Times have changed and I’ve still never seen Julia or The Turning Point.

I don’t give a damn what the critics say, I’m gonna go check out this Tony Curtis flick.

Plenty to choose from here and Sorcerer is that new film from the Exorcist guy and it stars the Jaws guy! If all else fails I’d be happy to see Burt and Jackie all over again. “East Bound and Down.”

What’s with Kirk Douglas? The Fury and now The Chosen? Could he be the new Vincent Price?

Yup, it’s the one that started it all.

Michael Caine anyone? If not “Bloody Hell” Michael then how about the co features?

Ah yes, I always save a few snippets for the late night crowd. Feast your eyes.

Before you go, check out what I found in a box left off in the corner of that old barn hawking furniture. Waterlogged and left to rot but now resting peacefully here in the vault at Mike’s Take where it’s appreciated.