A couple of vintage newspapers revealed some interesting combinations at the local theaters here in London, Ontario, Canada. Plenty of viewing choices to pick from and not a superhero in the mix. Then again, the ladies in 1963 may have considered Elvis to be just that.

Yes we could head out to the new Elvis flick where I hear he kisses a girl, gets in a fistfight and sings a song…… over and over …. and over. If not Elvis then how about The Honeymoon Machine with that McQueen guy. I hear he’s gonna be BIG.

Hey, Hammer Films have a bloody flick at the drive in playing with a sure fire hit with the boys, The Naked Brigade. If only I could go back in time to see this double bill.

Kim Novak as Moll Flanders? OK count me in. And we only have four days left to catch that movie with Richard Attenborough. What night should we set aside for that?

A new John Ford western = a must see. 

I’m always happy to see a new Sophia movie so I think I’ll catch the 3:05 showing. 

Did you know that Frank Sinatra also directed this new war movie? 

I loved seeing Tony Curtis on The Flintstones just the other night so how about seeing the new one with him, Natalie, Henry and Betty? Sounds like fun.

Here’s a contrast. Virginal Doris or one of those sexy features to come from across the pond where old Sid is on the make?

I don’t know what to say about these two titles but I do not that Fred MacMurray probably didn’t let his three sons head over to the Park Cinema. 

Anthony Quinn always catches my interest. And that one critic says it’s better than Ben-Hur!

Another religious epic? Mind you I kind of like Cornel Wilde so why don’t we go over for the show. I know it’s a drive-in but it says it’s open all winter and they do supply heaters!!!!

Till I locate the next vintage newspaper, may you all find a good movie in the above selection to revisit in your very own home theater.