Never judge a movie by it’s book cover.

In my never ending search for movie memorabilia I frequently hit book shops and thrift stores and inevitably find myself looking at the book shelves.  Here’s a smattering of novels tied into movie releases to better advertise both the film at the ticket windows and maybe score a few sales for the local book shops.

Judging by some of these 1930’s releases, this idea has long been tied into the sale of movie passes. MGM, Columbia and


Tom Mix.

For just 50 cents you can read the latest Lana Turner release.

the same goes for Sidney’s.

And it’s cheaper still for the Kim Novak/Frederic March release.

I’ve yet to see this movie but have heard nothing but positive vibes and will have to make an effort to catch it on TCM where it plays regularly.

Up for a comical read?

If not Doris and Rock, then Jack and Walter?


The latest Disney feature? Or read up on that 1973 hit and check out the illustrations.


While not a movie, I’ve noticed Christopher Lee lent his name to many of these horror story collections. 

Never read it, never seen it. Not sure if I ever will partake in either.

De Palma’s latest on the bookstand and the theater helps the bank account on both ends.

James Caan makes the cover and Sonny Corleone is just two years away. 

Finally, Brando wants an explanation why that other Brando didn’t make the cover of this tie in but Liz did.