A heavy heart here at Mike’s Take today. Mr. Stanton has always been one of my favorite character actors who made so many films better than they had any right to be and he made good ones great. When I began this blog he was one of the first actors I paid tribute to so I am reblogging this feature on Harry and his music,.

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Long before Harry Dean Stanton starred in Repo Man and Paris Texas to become a kind of cultish character actor I was always eagerly looking for his weathered face in films from Cool Hand Luke to Straight Time and countless other appearances in various genres. From westerns like The Proud Rebel to playing a member of the Dillinger gang and then of course there was Alien. Harry even turned up once as a mysterious angel in One Magic Christmas.


The fact that he played a guitar and had a very country-folk sound attracted me as well. I grew up in a house full of country and bluegrass music so to see and hear an actor actually picking and playing his own sound was kind of cool.

Picking alongside Dustin Hoffman in an underrated crime flick.

When the early days of country videos caught on Harry was the perfect actor to…

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