As of late I’ve been keeping the postman busy with countless titles being shipped in from the UK now that I have an all regions blu ray player. I immediately had most of the early Hammer Horrors shipped over that featured the classic monsters in glorious color making stars of Peter and Christopher. One order led to another including a Terry-Thomas collection, Arrow Video horrors and then finally through some shrewd advertising and suggestions made by Amazon, Stanley Baker titles began popping up. Here I am about six weeks later and my collection of Baker titles has grown immensely to include many titles I’ve yet to see.

Stanley Baker’s celebrated career was all too short. Born in Wales in 1928, Stanley passed away at the age of just 48 in 1976.

So for the next couple of weeks we might want change this blog title to …..

Mike’s Take on Stanley Baker Movies….. Rediscovering this Cinema Bad Ass.

I’ve always like Mr. Baker on film and naturally I’ve seen some of his films including of course The Guns of Navarone and Zulu. Some titles I’ve already featured here include …..

Innocent Bystanders 

Yesterday’s Enemy

The Angry Hills

and Hell Below Zero

The latter two titles are roles in support of Hollywood names moonlighting overseas once the studio system began to lose it’s grip on it’s star attractions.

Checking into my catalogue of movies, it turns out I have 27 films on the library shelf that are graced by Mr. Baker. The titles vary in both genres and the years of release. While I have a number of early 1950 films like Alexander the Great and Knights of the Round Table, I’m going to try to focus on a dozen or so titles where he’s playing the lead role including a couple of films made with director Joseph Losey. Baker also had a hand in producing some of his later films so I’ll be sure to check those out as well.

By going on a run of Baker titles, it will also allow me to rediscover a couple of his films I’ve been trying to find for years and now that I’ve acquired two in particular, I’ll be sure to include them in this festival of all things Stanley. You’ll have to check back to see just what I’ve got in store. Feel free to throw out some recommendations and favorites of Sir Stanley’s. As I like to feature film posters with regularity, here’s a sampling of Baker on the printed poster. And just imagine how film history might have changed had Baker taken on the role of a spy in a film called Dr. No.

Not familiar with the work and career of Stanley Baker? Then hopefully this spotlight on Baker’s various films here at Mike’s Take will lead you to seek out his many films and discover him for yourself.

And of course playing alongside heavyweights Peck, Quinn and Niven …… ok, and James Darren too.