Like any born and bred Canadian boy, it’s all hockey in my house when the puck drops in the quest for Lord Stanley’s Cup. The coolest looking trophy ever created and one that every warrior on ice would sacrifice his body and soul to raise above his head and have his name engraved upon this, the holy grail of sports.

In the spirit of the season, here’s my starting line of actors on ice.

Behind the bench, we’ve got character actor and all around favorite bad ass, the excitable Ed Lauter as the head coach from his turn in Youngblood.

Playing goal let’s look to none other than……………. care to wager a guess who’s behind the mask?

On Defence we have a couple of bruisers to protect our karate kicking goalie.

Liev Schreiber and……

one tough Pilgrim nicknamed Duke.

Playing left wing and ready to score some goals is Canadian actor Art Hindle from 1971’s Face Off.

Over on right wing and bringing some excitement to the team is Happy Gilmore on blades before that golf thing began to work out. Mr. Adam Sandler.

Playing center ice, there’s really only one choice. Backing up Ed Lauter is player coach Reggie Dunlop. The role that Paul Newman always said was the closest to his real self.

Could Paul have channeled The Rocket for that fiery look?

As I am a proud Canadian, I think it only fair to include a couple of hockey fans from the Great White North in this line up. Anyone remember these boys with the stubbies in their hands?

For those that are wondering, I do have a second line just itching to get in the game, foil and all.

Time to drop the puck and begin the quest to win 16 games and claim the prize.