A look at last year’s thoughts on the Horror Genre and gearing up for some horrors as we head to Halloween.

Mike's Take On the Movies

It’s that time of year again when I’m about to embark on a scare filled run of horror films and why I love them so. It’s always fun to rekindle some memories that led me to the genre. Hopefully I’ll spark some interest and maybe even help you to recall a few memories of your own. Feel free to share.


Truthfully I can’t pinpoint the exact moment I became aware of just who the classic monsters of film were. One thing I can definitely recall is loving the feel of a good scare. Looking down the long dark hall late at night and dashing to the safety of my warm cozy bed curled up under the blankets and wishing the bedroom closet was shut so I couldn’t make out the shapes and monsters that hid within the hanging clothes and boxes piled up high.

Back in the days when I was about five to ten years…

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