Just two weeks ago I hopped in my car and drove over 2000 kms to visit my parents on Prince Edward Island. I put two movies in the car that I thought would be fun to sit down and watch with my Dad. The Professionals from 1966 as we both love westerns and the cast of this Richard Brooks film. The other was Stir Crazy. The hilarious Gene Wilder – Richard Pryor teaming that had us both in stitches laughing as father and son. Once again united in front of a television set.

pryor and wilder

Movies have always been a part of my life and the one liners and scenes that resonate stay with me. One such scene is one that my Dad still loves to bring up that featured a couple of Gene’s. Hackman and Wilder. It’s the scene from Bonnie and Clyde when Hackman and the gang pick up Wilder for a night of fun where Hackman continues to tell that one joke with the punch line, “Don’t sell that cow.”


Yes I will indeed miss Mr. Wilder but will always take pleasure in revisiting his films. Thanks for adding laughter to my childhood.