Born in Mississippi, handsome Dana Andrews was a natural when it came to wearing a fedora and trench coat as he traveled through the world of crime films and Noir. Yet he could easily step out of that and be at home in romantic flicks, westerns, straight and or war time dramas and once his declining years came about, some thrillers and sci-fi themed movies.

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A versatile actor from the studio era who always brought something of interest to the screen.

“A doll in Washington Heights once got a fox fur outta me. ”


“Twenty-one, the Stork Club, that’s where you belong – smothered in mink! ”

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Just another classic in the life of Dana Andrews. No matter how many times one watches this film, it’s an emotionally moving experience.

“I’d stand up for you, kid, til I drop. ”

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” Your beauty is a thing carved out of granite, with no body or soul. ” …. note the switch in billing.

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Reuniting with Otto and Gene. “It’s the worst food in town, but don’t worry. They usually serve a stomach pump with the dessert. ”


The promise of high excitement with Widmark on a splendid one sheet.


“It’s a weird, crazy idea, but that’s the reason it intrigues me. ”


“You’ve sold your bill of goods too well, because I believe you now. I believe that in five minutes something monstrous and horrible is going to happen. And when it does, you’re going to be here so that whatever happens to me will happen to you. ”

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A selection of titles from the final leading man years……



and one I always have a soft spot for…….

crack in the wrold