As one who loves to reminisce about the films I recall from my earliest years, one title that comes to mind appearing repeatedly on TV was MacKenna’s Gold. Sure I know the film has been blasted over the years but when your a kid and a big scale western is on the tube featuring a stoic hero, outlaws and varmints at every turn looking for a valley of gold, what’s not to love.

greg peck as mackenna

Gregory Peck played that stoic hero as he would do in countless other films throughout his long and respected career.

It wasn’t long after that in my early teens that I discovered Guns of Navarone, Moby Dick, the terror of The Omen and the awesomeness of one of my all time favorite flicks, Cape Fear.

Scoring his first Oscar Nomination in 1944.

keys of the kingdom

Working with The Master and Bergman.


Gorgeous one sheet……. ” I ain’t talkin to hear my voice. I’m ordering ya. ”

With Virginia in his arms adventure rules the day as Hornblower.

horatio hornblower half sheet

One of my favorite Peck scenes sees him getting a bit angry, gun in hand delivering the line…. “You got me in the mood to use this thing, and by God, if you don’t think of something, I’ll use it on you! I mean it. ”


I think we all take a certain amount of pride in pushing a classic long before it became fashionable. Cape Fear fits that mold for me. Long before the remake and home video, I used to scour the TV guide each week hoping to get another look at this terrifying flick.

Cape-Fear one sheet

Cinema’s fondest memory of Peck would have to be as Atticus.

to kill a mockingbird half sheet

At the front of an incredible star studded cast as MacKenna.

MacKenna's Gold poster1

Leading one more team into battle.


While The Chairman may not be a noted film in Mr. Peck’s career, the artwork on the one sheet caught my attention though it promises far more action than the film delivers. So I just had to have it.