robert taylor

When it comes to Robert Taylor he grew on me as I got older. Once I caught on to the fact that his films were far more than romantic trifles for the ladies I was hooked. In case you are wondering, yes I did catch up to many of his thirties flicks including Camille opposite Miss Greta. While Taylor makes for a stoic hero there is something to be said for the dark roles he undertook as he got older. The Last Hunt being a true gem opposite Stewart Granger if you care to seek it out.

When it comes to my poster collection, I had to have at least one in there somewhere. And it’s a good one opposite Richard Widmark.


Acting opposite his wife and fellow Hollywood legend Miss Stanwyck.


Taylor ” You sure must need those ten big dollars a day the Army paid you to come up here.”

John McIntire “I got a sick wife.”

Taylor “It beats a sick widow!”


Taylor Meets Taylor.


” Oh, now don’t turn ordinary on me. I get tired of ordinary dames. And I don’t want to get tired of you. ”

johnny eager

Noir filled thriller with a heck of a cast that was used extensively for the Steve Martin parody Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid.


One of the earliest Taylor films I recall from TV while growing up. naturally I have a soft spot for this effort that pitted him against Stewart Granger.

all the brothers

Robert Taylor made plenty of films in various genres much like Heston. He seemed to fit easily into westerns, historical epics, gangsters and of course the romantic films. Something to be enjoyed by all.

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