I kind of enjoyed the first posting and looking back at what I recalled about seeing some of these titles on the big screen.

How about Kirk Douglas re-living Pearl Harbor.

“I believe what we stumbled across is not man-made but a phenomena of nature, one that can’t be explained. This phenomena is the storm in which the Nimitz went through less than 18 hours ago, the storm has had some effect on time as we know it, it created a portal, a door into another era. Today is December 7, 1941… I’m sure we are all aware of the significance of this date in this place in history. We are going to fight a battle that was lost before most of you were born. This time, with God’s help, its going to be different… Good Luck”


Eastwood  back as Dirty Harry and I was old enough to get in…….well let’s just say “It made my day.”


Thanks to my parents for the gift of Don Knotts.


Off with the family to see the guy from the Telethon and those funny movies on afternoon tv on the big screen.

hardly working

Hiding in the back of an old seventies van with 2 other underage guys while sneaking into a drive in theater. We’re talking BRONSON here. You gotta take that chance.


My first big screen Bond outing. Yes I grew up in the Roger Moore era.


I’ll bet I’m one of the few who saw this on a big screen.


Bonus Trailer. Goodbye. ……………………………………………… till the next posting.