dawn of the apes

Yes, it’s true I don’t just watch old films. Today I caught the new Apes movie and was very impressed.

For starters I grew up on the original 5 films in reruns on television and was captivated. Then came the weekly series that grabbed a young boys attention as well as the Saturday morning cartoons. My love for the originals will never fade. I collected all things Ape when I was a kid from the action figures to a Halloween costume to the tree house.

roddy and carol

I couldn’t help but point out Roddy McDowall to my parents anytime he appeared on our tv screen whether in a movie or television show. Then it was the comic books and on to the original film posters.

battle for apes

I was quite excited when Tim Burton became attached to the first reboot back in 2001 but was somewhat disappointed at the end result.

When the second attempt to reboot the series hit the screens I didn’t even bother to go so see it despite the solid reviews. It wasn’t until the DVD release that I caught up to the Rise of the Apes. Good film and enough nods to the original series to keep me happy.

So today it was off to the matinee and a solidly scripted film that at various times reminded me of a western. The Indians and the Cavalry trying to maintain peace until one bad egg with a racist bent ruins it for all.

As for the CGI? I can be a harsh critic at times when it’s done poorly as in The Wolf Man remake. For this film the main thing is I didn’t feel like I was watching a cartoon which has always been my beef at it’s core. I feel cheated when things could be attempted on film but are not. Modern car chases on films drive me crazy. Watch Bullitt and The French Connection, they are as exciting as anything CGI delivers on the screen.

Back to this film, it works fine. There is a lesson in this script for us all. If you like the Apes films then check it out. Adding Gary Oldman is always a bonus in any film.

I just wish they’d bring back those cool leather jackets the Ape soldiers used to wear. 🙂

ape soldiers

And one last thing, what’s an Ape article without a shot of Charlton Heston? Not on my watch!