I couldn’t stay away from the movie screens today and went to see the new film with my 2 sons. I am not here to review the new film which stars the very popular Bryan Cranston but will point out that I had fun and have come to realize that the days of a guy in a rubber suit stomping on models are over. Kind of sad but time marches on. CGI has taken the place of the old ways including Eiji Tsuburaya’s model cities as well as the amazing creatures moved by the hand of Ray Harrhausen.

I can’t exactly explain my love of the character Godzilla but I do know that growing up it was always such an enjoyable experience to tune in and watch a badly dubbed monster bash with the BIG G. Fighting foes like Mothra and Ghidorh or just causing havoc in Tokyo bay was of no concern to me. Bottom line is I enjoyed them and still do. Isn’t that what really matters?


Collecting Godzilla has always been fun for me and comes naturally since it’s movie related.


Movie Posters from the early seventies are of course quite collectable and getting rarer “as time goes by.” I think I have heard that in a song somewhere.

I have an abundance of Godzilla comics but have to admit I am not a comic guy. Once again it’s my attraction to the lizard himself that caused me to spend the money on them.  And of course there are the films themselves which are all on my shelves from the 54 original up to Godzilla Final Wars. Before I really started to collect the films themselves I have a fun memory of taking my son who was about 5 years old at the time to the local video store that we dubbed the Godzilla store because they had a blow up 5 foot replica that he loved to hang around. Naturally when Godzilla 2000 hit the screens off we went to the theater.


So hopefully there are others out there who share my passion for not only classic films but the iconic Godzilla as well. And in closing how about a couple of shameful self promotion shots.