This is an odd European gangland flick that was filmed in L.A. and stars 3 well know faces and a few American character actors to round out the cast. We have Jean-Louis Trintignant as an imported assassin from France out to put Ted de Corsia out of business. After a successful hit he plans on a quick flight home. Soon he realizes someone is gunning for him as it soon becomes evident he is a loose end in the chain of events taking place. Personal favorite Roy Scheider is the gunman from Detroit hot on his tail. Ann-Margret turns up as a possible love interest for Trintignant and we also get Angie Dickinson as de Corsia’s widow who may be doing some plotting of her own. Like many euro crime thrillers this one proves watchable despite not being all that memorable. The location for the final shootout is somewhat different and with de Corsia memorably displayed.

The director of the film is Jacques Deray who had worked previously with our leading man but I must confess that when I see a French hit man I much prefer Alain Delon who had also worked with Deray. Also imported for the film are a couple faces I recognize from the euro crime films of the era. Michel Constantin and Umberto Orsini. Talia Shire, John Hillerman and Jackie Earle Haley make early appearances here as well.

Scheider looks good in the role of a hit man here and would do it again in the very watchable Cohen and Tate a few years down the road. In 1986 Scheider and Margret would get together again in the sleazy John Frankenheimer film 52 Pick Up.

All in all not bad and if you are a fan of the stars then check it out. Just don’t hold your expectations to high. As this was filmed before the Star Trek cult developed I thought it amusing to see Haley watching an episode in the background. Films like these would be pretty hard to find if it weren’t for the made on demand market which is where I found this one.