vic armstrong

By Vic Armstrong with Robert Sellers

I had no idea who Vic Armstrong was when I picked up this book. Now I do and I am so glad I took a chance on this title while looking thru the film books at Chapters. If you come across this title in the book store and you are not sure if you want to give it a read then check out the films Vic has worked on at the back in the filmography section starting in 1966on Arabesque with a hilarious Sophia Loren story to working on You Only Live Twice the following year. Twins of Evil, Live and Let Die, The Odessa File on to doubling Christopher Reeve as Superman and Connery himself in Never Say Never Again there’s so much to enjoy for the film lover. Then there’s the long term relationship with Harrison Ford and doubling him as Indiana Jones in the original trilogy. Working with so many stars including Sly and Arnold to Peter Sellers and the always unpredictable Oliver Reed as well as Tom Cruise, Vic keeps the story rolling as he recounts his career in entertaining fashion.


The book includes many tributes and comments from names we are all familiar with such as Scorsese, Branagh, Brosnan and Christopher Lee that it’s just a hard title to put down. What’s nice about the book as well is the fact that it’s about a different aspect of film making that we don’t hear to much about and the dangers that face the men who make the movies so exciting for us viewers in the seats at the local movie houses. So this one is worth the few bucks it’ll cost you and no doubt there has to be a personal favorite that Vic has worked on for you to read thru.

As for Joan Collins fans, Vic should be your hero. The man actually received stunt pay for standing in as her masseuse while she lay naked on a massage table. Sign me up for that kind of stunt work!