April 2021 In Review

While I can’t speak for you or your corner of the globe, there isn’t much to do aside from yardwork around here with this lockdown back in serious effect thanks […]

Target : Harry (1969)

The Corman Brothers, Gene and Roger, were behind this enjoyable throwback to a 1940’s style adventure that may have seen Bogie, Garfield or Ladd taking center stage as an American […]

The Snorkel (1958)

It’s Hitchcock meets Nancy Drew in this solid thriller brought to the screen by Hammer Films and director Guy Green. Adapted from a story written by actor Anthony Dawson and […]

Robbery Under Arms (1957)

Going in to this Jack Lee directed flick, I assumed, based on the title that I was set to watch one of those British Noir/Gangster films of the period that […]

Macon County Line (1974)

When this low budget independent film went into release at drive-in theaters around North America in 1974 movie going audiences were in for a surprise when Sheriff Max Baer Jr. […]

The March 2021 Round-Up

Could we finally be getting close to seeing things return to normal? I sure hope so as I’d love to see my parents once again who live three provinces away. […]

The Howling (1981)

I never fail to have a “howling” good time whenever I revisit this Joe Dante favorite featuring a secret society of werewolves living among us. I first saw the movie […]

Machine Gun Kelly (1958)

Between 1951 and 1957, screen icon Charles Bronson, appeared in everything from uncredited bit parts in Cukor’s The Marrying Kind to playing Igor in House of Wax to appearing as […]