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Hello, My name is Mike Perry and I’ve been collecting films and film memorabilia since I  was about 12 years old. Currently I’ve amassed over 13000 titles on home video and my collection of films, film books and memorabilia continues to expand monthly. Thinking it was time to join the on line community my purpose isn’t to pick apart movies but help others find titles from the past worth watching for the first time or re-visiting by trying to keep it fun and simple with personal memories of old discoveries as well as finding new ones.

Since joining the on line community I’ve had the good fortune of earning a writer’s credential and covering the 2016 TCM Film Festival in Hollywood which I guess we could say was a definite check mark on my personal bucket list.

I cover most any genre from horror to westerns and comedies to musicals. Hopefully you’ll find something here to enjoy be it a movie write up, a memory or two that I’ve shared or featuring a gallery of posters from an identifiable film star.

Thanks for dropping by and feel free to say hello.


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  1. Hello Mike: I had an opportunity to check out your website today.
    Congratulations! Your site is awesome. Rheal Lariviere

      1. Sorry if this is a repeat of previous message but I’m trying to find a copy of Buckskin (1968) with Anthony Quinn which you reviewed in 2018.
        Kurt Organista

          1. Thanks for getting back to me, Mike. I was trying to locate a copy for a friend whose mother had a small part in the film, minor actress. He’s got a great black and white foto of his mom and Anthony Quinn that I would attach here if I could. It’s a stunning still!

  2. Hey Mike. It was great to meet you tonight. Haven’t spent a lot of time here yet, but was immediately so impressed that I shared your link on my Facebook timeline, to share the joy. Keep up the good work………..er…………play. 🙂

    1. Wow, thank you. I had to look this up cause as a newbie……it’s all new to me. I kindly thank for doing this and for visiting to see what I have to say as well as posting some of my links on your site. 🙂

  3. Great site Mike, it’s like an Aladdin’s cave of film. Cracking! (Got to love Henry Fonda as Frank, those piercing blue eyes were just perfect for an icy villain)
    Ben Rattle

  4. Greetings, Mike. Very impressed by your movie room video.My name is Gary Cahall and I am the site administrator for MovieFanFare, a classic film collector’s blog that’s not ashamed to admit it’s run by Movies Unlimited, one of the country’s top mail order home video retailers.
    I came across Mike’s Take as part of the 2015 Great Villain Blogathon (nice article on Borgnine and Emperor of the North).We run a weekly guest blogger post, and while looking over your site I thought your work would be of interest to our readers.
    Would it be possible to reprint one of your articles (I was thinking your April review of A Gunfight with Kirk Douglas and Johnny Cash) on our blog? We would, naturally, provide a link back to your site and run a short bio/promo if you supply it. Please e-mail me back at your earliest convenience, and I look forward to hearing from you.

  5. Delight and surprise at the scope and range of insight of your takes, Mike.
    I have a special soft spot for movies 1940s to about ’65; great way to feel out the culture of those decades, which I do from time to time, and your commentaries will help create contexts. Thanks.

  6. Love your site and your writing. Must discovered your little corner of the web and expect to spend a lot of time here.
    Mel Martin
    Author of The Magnificent Showman
    The Epic Films of Samuel Bronston

    1. Very kind of you to say so and welcome. I look forward to comments good or bad on any of my featured posts. I try to stay positive and not tear films apart. It’s all about the enjoyment. That book of yours looks like something I’d want to read. Always enjoyed his productions and not to far back read the autobio of Bernard Gordon which Bronston was featured extensively in. Cheers’….

      1. Hi Mike… I spent a couple of days with Bernie in 2007 before he died. He had great stories, which I recount in the book. If you’d like, I can email you a PDF and save you the 25 bucks.

        best wishes


  7. Hi Mike-

    Sidney Toler who portrayed Charlie Chan #2 (considered one of the best Charlie’s) has a living relative who has been researching the film actor and including him in their film interests and studies. I discovered your blog post in a GOOGLE search. If interested to know more please feel free to write an email

  8. I’m currently watching The Slave starring Steve Reeves on TMC. In these Italian films, were all the actors filmed speaking their lines in Italian and later dubbed to English for U.S. release, or did Reeves speak HIS lines in English and they were later dubbed to Italian? I can’t read lips well enough to tell. Sometimes it looks like the words match the lip movements…and other times it doesn’t. Am I hearing Reeves voice, or not?

    1. I believe Reeves voice was always dubbed even though he was speaking English. Italian films never bothered recording on set from what I understand and looped everything afterwards during this period into various languages. Apparently the only films his actual voice is heard are Jail Bait and Athena, both films made in the 50’s in America. All his Hercules and other 60’s Italian films have dubbed him.

  9. Hi Mike,
    Worked for Hammer Films many years ago and have a few items which I want to offload. Would you be interested?
    2 publicity manuals (very comprehensive) for the films “Nightmare” and “Kiss of the Vampire”, 2 Jimmy Sangster scripts (never produced) and the final draft of the definitive book on Hammer by Denis Meikle. No idea where you are based but if you are interested do let me know.

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